Understanding Brand Awareness: Making Your Mark in the Market

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Brand awareness is a fundamental concept in marketing that refers to the level of familiarity and recognition that consumers have with a particular brand. In this blog post, we will explore what brand awareness entails and why it is crucial for businesses to establish a strong presence in the market. Let’s delve into it!

Recognition and Recall

Brand awareness is about being recognized and remembered by your target audience. When consumers encounter your brand name, logo, or visual elements, they should be able to associate it with your products or services. By consistently exposing your brand to your target market through various marketing channels, you increase the likelihood of being recognized and recalled when consumers are in need of what you offer.

Trust and Credibility

Building brand awareness goes beyond recognition; it also fosters trust and credibility. When consumers are familiar with your brand and have positive associations with it, they are more likely to perceive your business as trustworthy and reliable. Trust is a crucial factor in purchasing decisions, and a strong brand awareness helps establish that trust, making consumers feel more comfortable and confident in choosing your brand over competitors.

Competitive Advantage

In a crowded marketplace, brand awareness gives you a competitive edge. When consumers are aware of your brand and have positive associations with it, you are more likely to be considered in their purchase decisions. Increased brand awareness can help differentiate your business from competitors, enabling you to capture a larger share of the market and attract new customers.

Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

Brand awareness plays a vital role in fostering customer loyalty and advocacy. When consumers are familiar with and trust your brand, they are more likely to become loyal customers who repeatedly choose your products or services. Additionally, loyal customers can become brand advocates, recommending your brand to others and amplifying your reach through word-of-mouth marketing.

Market Expansion and Growth

Brand awareness sets the foundation for market expansion and business growth. As more consumers become aware of your brand, you have the opportunity to expand your target audience and enter new markets. With a strong brand presence and reputation, you can attract new customers, forge strategic partnerships, and drive business growth.

Brand awareness is a vital component of successful marketing strategies. It encompasses recognition, recall, trust, and credibility, giving businesses a competitive advantage in the market. By building brand awareness, businesses can establish strong connections with their target audience, foster customer loyalty, and drive growth. Investing in brand awareness efforts is an essential step towards long-term success and establishing a prominent position in the market.

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Preparing For 2021 Events

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As the end of 2020 is in sight, it’ll be nice to have a fresh start. The start of 2021 is going to be a start of the positive things to come – or so we hope!

Starting a new year brings a sense of starting again and a fresh mind with new ideas. This year the event season has been well and truly lost, but there’s a chance as the world begins to shift back to normality, the event industry will be up and running.

With almost a year out of the exhibition hall, there’s many things to consider for next years events. Safety, style, and ways to promote your stand space are just to name a few. Continue to read our blog for ways to be prepared for the 2021 year of events.

COVID Safety

We believe for now and the near future COVID-19 is here to stay, but so far, we’ve learnt to live with it and adapt to new rules. The same will apply when it comes to adjusting your exhibition. When planning, the first consideration is how will the stand space be COVID safe.

Firstly, social distancing will be enforced, minimising the number of people who will come into contact. It’s then necessary to look at how sanitary your area is, such as providing anti-bacterial hand gel, anti-bacterial wipes, and the all-important masks.

Your aim is to create a stand for attendees and visitors to feel safe and secure.

Light Boxes

2019 was the focus of eco-friendly stand, and we still completely support the eco stands and accessories, but why not look to really brighten up your stand.

Light up boxes are a modern way to bring a burst of light and custom graphics to your stand space. The internal LED lights illuminate and shine through the printed fabric panel to bring your stand a fresh and appealing finish.

Connect several LED Light Boxes together or use as a stand alone feature to highlight your business products and services.

Rejuvenate Your Current Displays

The current displays have been hidden away and stored for quite a while now, so what’s better than hitting the new year with new graphics?

Use the time without the events to work on your new graphic design. You’ve no reason to rush, take the time needed to create and implement your new branding.

The best thing about replacing graphics is the cost. By creating new graphics, all that’s required is the panels, so the frame can be used time and time again.

Start Your Advertising

With Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn at our fingertips, it’s easy to get started on your advertising. All platforms will reach out to followers, whilst making new connections along the way.

Use your socials to let others know which event you’ll be attending, when and where they can find you. Include what you’ll have on your stand and why they should stop by.

For your regular customers, we suggest the personal approach. Send a personal invitation via email with an exclusive offer as an incentive.
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