Shop2fashion has high quality clothing & accesories

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A nice pair of Shop2fashion women boots can cost you at store 200 euros. If you want a pair clothing with an T-shirt, then you can easily lose double. You have seen offers online, but you do not want to harm the physical stores and you wonder if you will not be scammed there. You no longer have these problems if you go shopping at an online platform for offers and designer clothing. To-Be-Dressed is a good example of this. The branded products that are offered are genuine and the discounts are high. Here you can read how this works.

An online market

If you visit a market, various stores rent a stand from the market master. They then sell their own things and do not have to pay anything from the proceeds. An online platform for designer clothing works the same. They enter into a deal with a store and this store can then sell their wares via the website. The proceeds go entirely to the store, because they rent their place on the market separately. This concept is ideal for several reasons and because it also has physical stores, you can shop responsibly.



The benefits of online clothing store

There are a large number of benefits to shopping clothes at these types of websites. The affiliated stores are tested before they can join. That way you know for sure that they are honest and only offer genuine designer clothing. You have all the bargains together, from stores throughout the Netherlands. If you live in Amsterdam, you would probably never have found the jacket in Alkmaar that you will find on the site. You know for sure that your money ends up at the store itself and that the platform makes no profit from the sale. And by applying the filters well, you can even find what you are looking for in the largest assortment. A pair of genuine women Boots with a 40 percent discount, for example.

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Eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses

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Round or square? Gold or green? Sunglasses are available in all shapes and sizes. But did you know that many sunglasses are made from materials that are bad for the environment? Fortunately, more and more durable sunglasses are designed and made nowadays. As with MASTHO Bamboo Sunglasses.

Pollution because of plastic sunglasses

Every year millions of plastic sunglasses are thrown away again. Something that leads to pollution, for example on the beaches. Therefore choose the right material that the sunglasses are made from. It is important that durable sunglasses are not produced with petroleum. Products made from bamboo and / or wood are better than products made with petroleum. A tree can grow back within ten years, petroleum only comes back after two hundred million years.

Despite this, eco-friendly sunglasses do not make a big difference in the total amount of plastic pollution. The share of raw materials is low in the production of sunglasses. Suppose that toys from China are made from bio-plastic, that would really make a difference. Unfortunately, that does not happen so quickly, because companies currently do not want to invest in these materials, because they are much more expensive.

MASTHO Bamboo Sunglasses

But you can still have a positive impact on the environment by choosing wooden- or sunglasses made from bamboo. For example at MASTHO Bamboo Sunglasses! There, the sunglasses with bamboo arms are made by hand. The bamboo that is imported undergoes a strict quality check. Then the wood is cut to size and sanded by hand. After that the polarized lenses are inserted and the frames are painted. And all of this for a reasonable price! Curious about the product range? Shop bamboo sunglasses online now!

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