My lawn mower won’t start, what could be wrong?

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The most common causes are problems with the fuel supply or the ignition system. Use the choke the first time you start the machine after it has not been used for a while. Remember that if you use the choke with a warm engine, you can drown the engine. Wait a few minutes before trying to start again if the engine is drained.


If the fuel tank is empty or contains old/contaminated fuel, it must be refilled with new, clean fuel. If neither works, the fuel filter may be dirty or require replacement. The spark plug may be contaminated and must be replaced. The spark plug cables may be loose and must be pushed firmly into place. If the problem persists, we recommend contacting your local dealer.

With robotic lawnmowers this is of course different. The robotic lawnmower often gives a signal itself if it has a problem. Often the robotic lawnmower is read out at a dealer who sells and repairs your brand of robotic lawnmower. Sometimes it can be due to the construction of the boundary wire or charging station. In that case you can make an appointment with a mechanic of a dealer who sells and repairs your brand of robotic lawnmower.

If you need a new lawnmower then check out the offers at lawn mowers for sale. They offer a wide variety of good quality lawnmowers that can last a lifetime.

How long can I mow with a battery lawnmower?

Battery mowers lose a large part of their power due to improper use.

Here are some important tips on how to operate your battery mower in the best possible way:

If the user switches the mower off too often, part of the surface to be mown will be lost. For this reason, the battery-powered lawnmower should not be switched off when turning, but should always be run with the engine running.

Do not start the mower in high grass. It is better to start the mower outside the lawn and drive it into the grass at full load.
The area you can mow per battery charge is also influenced by the way you drive. Avoid overlapping tracks that have already been mowed.


Cutting height

Anyone working with the wrong, or rather too deeply set cutting height will soon be unable to enjoy their battery-powered lawnmower. At the start of the season, you should not mow deeper than 60 mm. Radical cutting to a depth below 60 mm to 20 mm should be avoided. In the optimum case, the cutting height should not be set deeper than 40 mm. If you want to mow deeper than 40 mm, it is recommended that you set the cutting depth one cutting level (= 5 mm) deeper each week until the desired cutting height is reached. 


Lawn area

The condition of the lawn may affect battery performance. Is it a well-kept lawn or a wild grass landscape? Is the lawn scarified or is the surface sealed? In the latter case, there is a growth-inhibiting fungus layer on the lawn that inhibits the penetration of water, oxygen and manure. Depending on the condition of the lawn, the mower’s engine has to work more or less, at the expense of battery capacity.

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