10 Shrubs That’ll Keep Your Garden Beautiful All Year!

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The hardest part about growing things is that they eventually stop growing. There’s a point at which we can no longer coax our plants to keep producing new leaves and stems, which means the end of green popping up everywhere you look during the summer months. If you’re looking for ways to extend your gardens beauty beyond the peak growing season, shrubs are an excellent (and affordable) solution. These smaller trees, vines, and bush plants can help give your garden a burst of color in the wintertime while also providing structure and support throughout the year. …


Endless Summer Shrubs

One of the most popular shrubs for warding off winter is the lovely hydrangea. This wide-ranging group of shrubs produces an abundance of flowers throughout the late summer and fall months which last well into winter. They offer a wide range of colors and shapes, meaning you can find one to fit your garden’s needs. Another great shrub for those with more temperate climates is the viburnum. These plants come in a variety of colors including red, pink, yellow, white and blue. These plants produce showy blooms in early summers (typically May or June) that stay around until they start to die back in mid-fall. Some other shrubs worth considering are: * Allspice (pimento) * Camellia * Creeping evergreen shrub * Jasmine * Nandina (heavenly bamboo) * Oregon grape holly * Rhododendron * Spirea bush


Rosemary Shrub

The rosemary shrub (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a popular pick for gardens, as it has many qualities that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Rosemary is often used as a culinary herb or seasoning, but it also functions well as a bush in your garden. The shrubs grow up to three feet tall, which makes them perfect for borders and hedges. Rosemary thrives in dry conditions and prefers full sun or partial shade. It’s hardy to winter temperatures and its rich green leaves contrast beautifully with the deep red of nearby evergreens in the wintertime. This plant can be planted into containers and brought indoors during colder months when plants are at rest.


Lavender Shrub

One of the best shrubs to plant this fall is lavender. Not only are these plants fragrant and beautiful, but they’re also a natural pest repellent and attract pollinators like bees. The flowers can range from pinkish purple to a deep purple and they’re one of the few shrubs that will sprout leaves in the wintertime.


Hellebore Shrub

The Hellebore is a perennial shrub that will produce winter flowers. These flowers can be found in shades of purple, pink, and white. The Hellebore also works as a natural hedge, which means it will grow in tight rows.


Fruit tree stand

As the name suggests, fruit trees are great for growing fruits like apples and pears and will also give you a chance to grow something tasty.


Holly Shrub

: Holly shrubs are a great way to keep your garden looking fresh throughout the year, as they will produce beautiful red leaves during the winter. In fact, this is one of the few evergreens that will grow in USDA zones 3-9. Holly shrubs also have a nice rounded shape so you can use them for various purposes. A well-shaped holly tree can be used as a barrier hedge or screen, but you’ll need to trim it regularly to keep it from growing too large and taking over your yard. …


Bamboo Shrub

Bamboo shrubs are a great addition to your garden for a number of reasons. They’re inexpensive, fast-growing, and offer an array of uses. You can use bamboo as a privacy screen, or to provide your garden with some structure from the ground up. Additionally, they’re available in various heights and textures, which is why they’re so popular in Asia. If you do plant bamboo near your home, it should be at least 100 feet away — otherwise you might have to contend with the sounds of chewing coming from your backyard each night!


Mediterranean shrub

One of the most popular shrubs to plant in a garden is the Mediterranean Shrub. These plants come in red, pink, white, and cream colors and are an excellent choice for planting if you’ve got limited space since they don’t grow more than two feet tall. They can be planted as a border or paired with other shrubs for more color. The Mediterranean Shrub will attract hummingbirds and butterflies with its brightly colored flowers that bloom year-round. Additionally, these plants are known to produce fruit in the wintertime which will attract frugivorous birds to your garden.



These shrubs will not only add beauty to your garden, but also provide fruits, berries, and blooms for your enjoyment. If you are looking for a shrub that is beautiful and useful, then you have come to the right place!

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