Teen vaping concerns

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Teen vaping concerns

Smoking electronically is one of the top tips to help people to quit smoking. When the cig-a-likes came out it was almost revolutionary. They looked, felt, and acted exactly like a traditional cigarette, but now it has evolved into something bigger. In recent years thousands of teenagers have started vaping and parents are rightfully concerned about it. Their teens using things like an e-cigarette or as it’s better known, a vape, for reasons such as peer pressure, social pressure, and simply just wanting to look cool. Though there are many reasons to be concerned about this, here are just a few.

Many vapes contain nicotine

Not every e-cigarette has nicotine in its juice, there are plenty of those devices that come without nicotine. However, the problem lies in its accessibility. Most teenagers won’t risk ordering a reusable e-cigarette, instead they would go to a corner store that has dozens of types of disposable versions. They have many appealing flavors and colors, and they all contain nicotine. The packaging the devices come in have a clear label showing that the product contains nicotine. For teens who start vaping these products, most of them have never consumed nicotine in their life, and when they consume it when it’s flavored like their favorite dessert, it’s very likely they’ll become addicted. 

Traditional cigarettes

Once the teens that consistently vape become addicted to nicotine, it will be incredibly difficult for them to quit. Not only that but studies show that after a period of time, these teens will graduate to cigarettes eventually. Teens who vape are more likely to move on to traditional cigarettes than their counterparts who don’t vape. It’s incredibly unfortunate especially since the purpose of the creation of e-cigarettes was to help people with nicotine addictions to quit, and it is doing the opposite in teenagers.

Mental health

When teens develop a nicotine addiction, it affects everything about them, but mostly it affects their mental health. Nicotine can harm the developing brain of an adolescent and causes things the brain to lose control of mood, impulse control, attention, and more. Pair all of that with teens still going through puberty and all kinds of stressors such as school and social lives, it’s not a good mix. Trying to quit nicotine is already an incredible feat for adults who have been addicted, but as a kid the symptoms of withdrawal can be very intense, not just for them but for the people around them as well.

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