Thinking of buying IPv4 addresses? Keep this in mind

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In November of 2019 we finally officially ran out of IPv4 addresses. Once the Ripe NCC announced that all of the Internet Protocol version 4 has been exhausted, many companies and businesses ran into a big problem. The majority of businesses and companies heavily rely on IPv4 address space to connect to the network and keep on running. However, another group of companies and businesses have an excess amount of IPv4 addresses. Solution? A market for transferring IPv4 address spaces emerged, and year after year the rates for an IPv4 address grew. But fret not, with proper advice and counsel you can buy IPv4 addresses as well.

How can you buy IPv4 addresses right now?

If you are trying to buy IPv4 addresses but have never done so before, there are some things you need to keep in mind. The entire market for transferring IPv4 addresses is quite complex and it’s very important to have some knowledge about the transaction processes as well as the transfer of ownership. IPv4 addresses were given out for free before they’ve been depleted, now it’s a product. Because of this, there are now IP brokers specialized to be mediators between people buying IPv4 address spaces and people selling them.

Through the years these IP brokers have gained experience in the IPv4 market and have built a broad network of parties willing to buy or sell to provide safe transactions of the product for each party. Unfortunately, black markets for IPv4 addresses have also materialized which brings even more risks. Track records of IPv4 addresses can get corrupted which is a problem for the party wanting to buy that IPv4 address.

Make sure to find a trusted IP broker

After years of experience and a broad network, IP brokers are very valuable to people in this market. Find one that is licensed and that you are sure you can trust, they will come with many advantages. They will assist you in navigating the complex process of getting you the IPv4 addresses you need from the beginning until you finally have them. You also won’t need to worry too much about the intricate details or feel pressured to understand it all, a good IP broker will know how to handle everything professionally and transparently. 

They will also make sure to advise you about price negotiations, legal matters, and more.
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