What can a referee do and equip?

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The referee applies the rules of the game;

  • leads the competition in cooperation with the other competition officials;
  • acts as a timekeeper and takes notes of the competition that are relevant and provides the appropriate authorities with a report of the competition, including information about disciplinary action and other incidents that have occurred, before, during or after the competition;
  • Watches and/or indicates that the game is resumed.


  • Allow play to continue if a misdemeanor or violation has been committed and the non-offending team will benefit from the forward play and punish the misdemeanor or violation if the intended benefit, at that time or within seconds, does not follow;
  • punishes the most serious offense in terms of sanction, resumption, physical severity and tactical consequences, when more than one offense is committed at the same time;
  • takes disciplinary action against players who commit an offense that should be punished with a warning or a field removal;
  • has the power to take disciplinary action from the moment he enters the field of play to check it prior to the game, until the moment he leaves the field of play after the game has ended (including penalty kick series). If a player commits an offence which should be penalised with a field removal before entering the field of play at the beginning of the match, the Referee has the power to exclude the player from participation. The Referee shall report any other improper conduct.

Referee’s equipment
Mandatory equipment:

Red and yellow cards;
Notebook (or something similar to keep track of the course of the competition).
Other Equipment

Referees may use:

Equipment to communicate with the other competition officials – vibrating device / beep flags, referee communication headsets etc.;
EPVS or other equipment to register the body condition;
Referees and other competition officials may not wear jewelry or any other electronic device.

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